Announcing iChampions Release

iChampions, a game based on classic superhero mythos with a modern day setting, will release Christmas Day, 2010 (12.25.2010). Playable versions on the iPod, iPhone, and iPad will be available for free on release day.

Players can expect a rich world filled with new superheroes and supervillains with a complex, dynamic story. The player's gameplay decisions directly affect the storyline as it unfolds. Teams of up to five characters can be created, using NPCs or friends online. Configure your equipment and powers for each character as you explore the world of iChampions... where nothing is as it seems, and the possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

iChampions will also feature Open Feint and Game Kit integration to provide a large number of achievements. Additional episodes will be offered through expansion packs: new missions, characters, and story plots will become available. An Android version will be released in January of 2011 that will make iChampions a truly cross-platform game in the mobile market.